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do you hear Her Calling?



is an ancient holy island
shrouded in mystery and magick.

It is a land where Priestesses practice sacred rituals and live in service to the Goddess. It is hostess to a community where young women train in the arts of divination, sorcery, healing, and herbalism. It is a place of transformation, truth, deep healing, and empowerment.   

an enchanted land…

…where abundant apple trees offer the most delectable fruit from their outstretched limbs, stone circles harness the energy of the dragon lines within the earth, and flowing sacred springs offer purification and nourishment. It is here that the realms of the unseen can be seen and an honest harmony among the cycles of the moon, the earth, and all of earth’s creatures is nurtured.

Long ago, Avalon retreated behind the veil; however, all is not lost. The timeless wisdom of the sacred Isle is available to those with a strong, clear intention and an open heart.

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 If you listen carefully,

the spirit of Avalon can be heard

calling out through the mists to Her Priestesses of Old,
urging them to remember the wisdom of Her land.


This call is received from a place deep within you,

the consciousness that remembers who you were long before this life and foretells who you will be long after. This is your ancient self, your truest essence, your soul.

It is your ancient self that feels electrified when she stands under the light of the full moon or gathers with a circle of women. She yearns for connection with the cycles and rhythms of nature. She loves to hear the beat of a drum, to walk barefoot upon the earth. She is drawn to spirals and circles.

She is the wise voice within.

She is the things you know without being taught.

She is intuition.

She is a gift to be cherished and celebrated. 


Avalon Calling
is a hand outstretched,
beckoning to this place
within you,

opening an enchanted passageway to your own divine nature. Here you will find sacred pilgrimages, wheel of the year celebrations, personal rituals, one-on-one sessions with a Priestess rooted in the mysteries of Avalon, and much more. Along this path you may experience a sense of homecoming, connection to your ancestors, awakening of your ancient self, the timeless wisdom of your soul, enhanced creative expression, embodiment, wholeness, self-love, and permission to be who you are.

Do you hear her calling?