Personal Rituals


A Priestess
creates magick
out of everyday life. 

She is a bridge between worlds, a messenger of Spirit, a woman who interprets life through symbols, archetypes and metaphors -- one who is sensitive to the energies and messages of the natural world.  

She is a ceremonialist. She honors significant life events and rites of passage through ritual and by reframing adversity as blessing.

She is a guardian of the Goddess, a steward of our Mother Earth and her cycles and seasons, and a keeper of sacred feminine wisdom and values.

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As a Priestess of Goddess,
Taylor is passionate about creating rituals
to honor the meaningful experiences, passages, and transitions of life.

A ritual can be created for anything that is significant to you
and is a powerful tool to support healing, letting go,
an ending or new beginning, a celebration, or for manifestation.

My sessions with Taylor have brought forward deep healing every time. She is very intentional and intuitive which makes me feel protected and safe to open myself up to her. She truly embodies the maternal archetype with her clear understanding, gentle nurturing touch, and loving compassionate heart. Her wisdom into the realms of birthing, ancient teachings of spiritual truths, and sacred feminine inspires me to feel whole, present, and grounded in who I AM and as a woman.
— Kaycee Flinn

Ritual allows us to step out of our everyday lives
and into sacred space,
where we can allow our deeper selves to emerge. 

These selves connect to the soul and speak a different language -- a language that communicates through symbols, sound, emotion, movement, and vision. These soul-selves exist beyond the constraints of time and space and have the ability to generate healing backward and forward through generations and lifetimes. The unconscious also does not know the difference between an action taken in ritual and one taken in daily life, therefor ritual is a powerful tool for shifting consciousness, for healing wounds and moving beyond old patterns.

Taylor would be honored to support you in creating a personal or group ritual to honor a rite of passage, ending or beginning, or any experience, cycle, or event that is significant for you. She is based in Topanga, California.

I can’t thank you enough for all the magic and sacred feminine energy you brought to my river goddess blessingway! The ceremony was so so beautiful. Your words were articulate, wise, nurturing, and full of love- crafted with so much intention and spirit! I will always cherish these memories of sisterhood!
— Ashley

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