Ritual for Change

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Ritual for Change

is an invitation to earth-loving women and men to co-create rituals as a means to take collective action toward the many pressing issues we are faced with during these tumultuous times.

When we collectively gather and focus on a shared intention, miracles occur! Taylor learned this during her personal experience healing through breast cancer. She formed a prayer circle with a group of her dearest sisters, and at the same times twice a day they would pray for her healing and visualize her well. So many miracles and manifestations occurred that it was a huge undeniable confirmation of the power of collective prayer and intention.

Ritual for Change offers a monthly ritual for folks to perform in their own communities. It is co-created with Taylor’s friend for over twenty years, Sunder Ashni. They post ritual suggestions on the Instagram page @ritualforchange.

Please follow us there! Blessed Be.